IPS Mobile wants to revolutionize the Web Browser, introduces Automatic Web Browser for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Automatic Web Browser is a new, innovative app that completely changes the web browsing experience: it’s full-automatic, faster and easier to use than traditional browsers.

WESTERVOORT – December 22, 2014 – Traditional browsers require manual actions like typing, scrolling, opening pages, closing pages, switching pages and tapping links. They also require the user to think about which pages to visit or what to do. IPS Mobile wants to revolutionize the Web Browser by introducing Automatic Web Browser. A Browser that works instantly, is full-automatic and can open pages, close pages, switch pages, scroll and open links automatically. This makes the browser more powerful, faster and easier to use.

As networks and devices get faster, the user interaction is more and more becoming the bottleneck in terms of speed and ease of use. Also the relatively small screens and the way in which iPhones and iPads are used – on the go or on the couch for example – make interacting more difficult than interacting on a PC or Mac. IPS Mobile Founder Gerben Verwaaijen: “We think it’s time to revolutionize the Web Browser. Making it work instantly, full-automatic, without required interaction and without distractions like buttons and bars whenever possible. This gives the user a benefit in speed and ease of use. And we’re determined to make it better on each update.”

The user can bookmark websites they want to visit frequently and configure when they want to view it: at which day, time, network (Wi-Fi and Mobile Network) and occurrence (always, once a day, once a week, once a month). Links from the bookmarked page can be opened automatically. The number of links can be configured and the user can run a test. A special algorithm gets the most valuable links from the site. The user can exclude links they don’t want to be opened automatically. At startup (or by tapping a button) the app can automatically close pages, open pages, load pages, scroll, open links and switch pages. The browsing experience is highly configurable. The app can also do bookmark suggestions based on the browsing history. Other features worth mentioning:
– While the user views a page, the next page is loaded in the background, ready to be viewed.
– The user can start and stop automatic scrolling and switch pages with gestures.
– The browser selects a shortlist of bookmarks that’s most appropriate for that moment.
– Multi-Open: the user can select websites and folders from the bookmarks and open them at once.
– Private browsing, multiple search engines, lock rotation, sharing links via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail, automatically open folders with pages.

Pricing & Availability
For iPhone & iPod Touch: Automatic Web Browser. Available now in the App Store worldwide for 1.99 USD/1.79 EUR.
For iPad: Automatic Web Browser for iPad. Available now in the App Store worldwide for 1.99 USD/1.79 EUR.

More Information
Download the Press Kit, including screenshots, on Dropbox:
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About IPS Mobile
IPS Mobile stands for ‘Innovative Products and Services for Mobile Users’. It’s a company specialized in innovative apps for iPhone & iPad with a mission: “Creating the ideal web browser. Making it faster & easier to use wherever possible.” IPS Mobile is based in the Netherlands.


If you would like further information, please contact:
Gerben Verwaaijen
Founder IPS Mobile